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Doon Medical College Hospital started as a dispensary under Dehradun Municipality in the year 1854. This dispensary started admissions of patients in its wards in 1860 and subsequently started surgical operations in the year 1910. At that time the population of Dehradun was just 19000. In the year 1925 Colonel C.H. Barber was appointed as first Civil Surgeon of Dehradun and he had a meeting with the then Municipal Chairman Mr Shamsher Bahadur Singh to plan the development of this dispensary in a big hospital. On 24th January 1932 the project of hospital building was approved and Public Works Department was entrusted upon to undertake the construction of hospital building. At that time it had total bed strength of 75 beds with 57 general and 18 private beds.

Till recently the old Doon Hospital was 252 bedded hospital with 232 beds for general patients and 20 beds for eye patients.

On 23rd of December 2015, Doon Hospital and Women’s hospital were transferred and upgraded under the Department of Medical Education, Uttarakhand by a Govt Order.

Govt Of Uttarakhand is striving to make this hospital as one of the premier medical health care centre of this region of country. The bed strength has already been risen to about 350 and is being further upgraded to 750 bedded hospital with various super specialties like Neuro Surgery and Plastic Surgery Departments. With the appointment of faculty from different parts of the country, the medical services are being continuously upgraded. Newer equipments and infrastructure are being planned, procured and installed.