The most famous medicines were discovered by mistake ?>

The most famous medicines were discovered by mistake

Not so long ago, the world flew around the news that due to the mistake of a pharmaceutical company in Spain, 17 newborns had excessive hair growth. In the medical language, such a condition is called hypertrichosis. It turned out that the pharmaceutical factory packaged tablets for baldness in the packaging of the gastric product. Instead of omeprazole – the medicine that regulates the release of gastric juice, the packaging got stimulating hair growth minoxidil. Fortunately, fatal consequences were avoided, and after the withdrawal of the drug, the hair will stop growing. But this, by the way, is not the first pharmaceutical error that leads to unexpected results. Moreover, well-known pharmacy reported about cases of mistakes and embarrassments becoming literally happy cases.


The well-known drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction was intended to treat heart disease by the idea of the creators. Sildenafil has been synthesized by British scientists to treat coronary heart disease. It was supposed that by expanding the blood vessels, the drug would improve the blood supply to myocardial and protect against the development of heart attack. However, in the course of the research, scientists have found that the drug has little or no effect on the heart’s blood flow, but causes a side reaction in the form of an erection. This side effect formed the basis of drugs to treat erectile dysfunction such as Kamagra or Viagra.


The discovery that has turned the world of medicine is connected with the incompetence of the scientist. Unlike neat colleagues, who cleaned the cups with bacteria, British bacteriologist Alexander Fleming could throw them for a long time and go on vacation. In September 1928, returning from the resort to his laboratory, Fleming noticed on cups with colonies of staphylococcus mold around which bacteria were absent. For several weeks, he monitored the growth of mold through a microscope and made sure that he had discovered a cure for bacteria.


The discovery of a whole class of drugs to treat depression is associated with a side effect of iproniazid – the drug that treats tuberculosis. Iproniazid, the first drug for tuberculosis – was invented in 1952. At that time, there were no prospects for the cure of this disease. The patients felt depressed, realizing that they were going to die. And all the more surprising for doctors was to see how patients who received iproniazide felt inadequately happy. Subsequent studies of the drug have shown that it can be used as an antidepressant. Iproniazide delays monoamynobutic acid. This enzyme regulates the release of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, the imbalance of which causes changes in the mental sphere. Today, iproniazid is not used due to toxicity.